Mobile advertising is without a doubt one of the hottest growing fields. Have you noticed that mobile is rapidly becoming the go-to device for consumer usage and gaming. This means it is also about to be the most profitable space for advertising. 66% of mobile users are just as comfortable with mobile advertising as they are with TV or online advertising and since mobile is an intent driven device, any searches or ads clicked through will most likely be acted on within 24 hours, if not in that moment.  By 2013, more people are expected to search online with their phones than with computers and Gartner analysts expect mobile to be a $7.4 billion market by the end of 2014.
Even with this unbelievably amazing future forecast, the mobile industry is still not prepared for the rapidly growing mobile market. At this time, the mobile space is fragmented without clear standards or options for mobile optimization. Mobile analytics are hard to find and for the most part mobile ads have extremely low conversion rates.

Here is where PageWoo comes in. We tackled the issues and set the standard for mobile ad landing pages. We provide the ad network with a customized editor enabling the creation of smart, optimized mobile ads that consistently look amazing and scale to every device. When you ‘woo’ your customers, portrait and landscape views look equally beautiful on both tablet and smartphones. Our color matching software and thorough palette of options, including video capacity, ensure an optimized ad every time and higher after click conversions. All of your analytics are easily trackable and accessible with our system.

Like Wayne Gretsky said, “good hockey players go where the puck is and great hockey players go where the puck is going to be.” Mobile is quickly becoming to consumers what web used to represent, in that it is the hot new space to search. Mobile usage is more intimate and intent oriented. Advertisers and businesses must follow suit to please their customers. If you haven’t already given serious thought to your mobile strategy, you need to prepare a plan of action and be ready to stake your claim in the new mobile frontier. PageWoo is here to make the daunting transition to mobile easy,effective and profitable!

Written by Duffy-Marie Arnoult, Director of New Media, PageWoo